Smart Flower Growers

Trending Novelties at Flower Village

Our deluxe flower farm’s innovative nature and experimental culture have been vital to challenging conventional flower growing techniques for over 35 years. The unique geographic location and ideal climatic conditions of our farm, combined with abundantly fertile soils, allows us to grow our premium flowers. The flower varieties we cultivate include: Standard Roses Spray Roses, Hydrangeas, EryngiumDelphinium, Craspedias, Country Spirit Roses, Bupleurum and Astranceas

Through a continuous process of research and development and a close association with the most renowned German breeder, Rosen Tantau, we have acquired a level of technical expertise that guarantees the quality of our flowers. Flower Village is constantly looking for new solutions for clearer and more ecological flower production. These unique qualities have helped us differentiate from competition and allowed us to become market leaders in the US and European market.

Smart flower growers

We are proud to say that we offer our customers brand new varieties, while staying on top of the market trends and floral industry demands!

Due to our outstanding corporate culture that incorporates sustainable agricultural practices and socially conscious initiatives, we have been able to certify our farm with national and international credentials such as FlorEcuador, Rainforest AllianceBASC and SEDEX!


We invite you to check more about our farm, and find our newest trends here!

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