Tips For Longer Lasting Roses

How To Make Your Roses Last Longer

Are you tired of watching your roses die in just a matter of days? Here are six tips for  longer lasting roses!

Use A Clean Vase

A Clean vase is important because dirt causes bacterial growth. Bacteria and dirt will shorten how long your flowers can stay in the water. The dirt and bacteria from the water can cause the flowers to wilt faster or even die. It is important to clean a vase before placing your cut flowers in it.

Continuously Cut The stems

Another trick in the book for longer-lasting vase life is to continuously cut the rose stems (preferably at an angle) as the days pass by so that the roses will have a fresh cut to suck up the water. This cutting technique ultimately lets the roses absorb the water better.

Beware Of Heat

A common fact known among expert florists is that you must keep your roses in a cool place away from any heat source. Whether a radiator, air conditioning in heating mode, appliances, or direct sunlight so that the roses do not wilt. Also, it is advisable to avoid placing your bouquet in areas with sudden temperature changes.

Avoid Getting The Petals Wet

If you want your roses to stay fresh longer, avoid getting the petals wet at all costs, as this can cause them to blacken and, therefore, becomes a source for bacteria to grow.

Eliminate Bacteria

So that your roses can last longer, fresh and beautiful, you must make sure that there are no bacteria in the water. For this, add a few drops of bleach, alcohol, or mouthwash in the water to help prevent bacteria from proliferating.

Change The Water Regularly

You must keep track of the water in your vase. Roses tend to “drink” more water than any other flowers, so they need a lot of water to last longer. If they start looking wilted, put them in a vase with a little warm water, and they will improve.

Roses give color, life, and aroma to any room. With these tricks, you can make them last a little longer! 

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