Country Candy: Pantone color of the year

For over a decade, the Pantone Color of the Year has graced magazine covers and Pinterest boards, spawned articles, and influenced fashion and décor trends. Currently, the Pantone guide has more than 2,000 references updated every 18 months, with new, more precise shades added to the list. This year Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta. A close relative of carmine, crimson red, or deep raspberry, Viva Magenta definitely packs a ton of personality.


Innovation plays a key part in the selection of new varieties for Bellarosa’s catalog. We have embraced Pantone’s Color of the Year with a playfully disruptive reflection of one of our newest additions: the Country Candy rose. This red and white bi-color Country Spirit rose opens its petals and plays around the Viva Magenta tone. A combination of colors and textures that adds a touch of novelty and brightness to any room!


When it comes to famous trends, we can recall to the famous fashion house Valentino during the Spring/Summer 22 collection, where the pink-red hues became a versatile must-have in the Prêt-à-porter world. This style statement does not only applied to houte couture but to any other decorative application that can bring modern – aesthetic notions to the conversation. A great example of this is that our Country Candy Roses can bring this romantic and fashionable sense to your place, brightening up even the darkest of the corners with vivid trending tones, and making it stand out with their curvy-shaped petal edges. There is no doubt that this unique variety can be quite disruptive addition to each of your special spaces.

So, bring some personality into your home with Viva Magenta and our Country Candy Rose!

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